Sex, Lies & the Internet – Online Dating Survival Guide

Online Dating Expert Book
Ms. Alexander is the author of the best-seller “Sex, Lies and the Internet – An Online Dating Survival Guide,” which gives invaluable dating tips and shows women how to screen their dates so they can date safer and smarter. Her book has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

  • If you’re single, how do you spot a serious mate versus a player,
    a married person posing as a single or a cyber stalker online?
  • Are you trapped in a bad relationship?
  • Are you attracting the wrong type of men?
  • Do you believe you will never find Mr. Right?

“Sex, Lies and the Internet” is the much talked-about book from the founder of one of the most popular women’s websites on the internet, Free Date Screening Service—a place where women warn other women about abusive men before it’s too late. The controversial website has been featured in media outlets throughout the world.

Acclaimed as a lifesaver by women worldwide, Ms. Alexander reveals the answers to these important questions in her book “Sex, Lies and the Internet,” through heroic stories and lessons learned from hundreds of women who survived abuse to build happy and long lasting relationships.

Online Dating Expert Book

If you’re trapped in a bad relationship, Stephany Alexander, one of the leading experts on internet dating, has written the ultimate guide to finding Mr. Right and avoiding Mr. Wrong.

Discover the powerful secrets that will dramatically increase your chances of avoiding bad guys and finding a good one!

♥ Find out the unmistakable signs that he’s straying
♥ Top 7 sneaky tricks on how to catch a cheater red-handed
♥ Top 8 relationship deal breakers
♥ Find out how to identify and avoid the 5 MOST dangerous types of men
♥ Top 11 signs you are being abused and used
♥ Quickest ways to get over him and move on
♥ How to leave an abusive relationship
♥ Top 10 places to meet Mr. Right
♥ Secrets to writing an irresistible online profile
♥ Proven techniques to screen your online date
♥ How to do a free background check on your potential date
♥ How to ace a first date

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